Regarding Mr. Rashid Khan

​Kutch and Art are synonym of each other, Kutch region of Gujarat has rich heritage of different type of art. Few of those art are Embroidery, Pottery, Leather Work, Block Print “Bandhani”, Mud work and Mud Painting. Artisans of Kutch has made Kutch famous on the world’s map with power of their art. One of such Artist is Mr. Rashid Khan.

If you see some foreigner asking about someone or inquiring about any address in Bhuj near camp Area then it has to be Mr. Rashid khan and his residence only. Mr. Rashid khan is not a politician or not any Rich person but an Artist with great asset of art in form of Painting and Mud work. He has mastery in of Crafting Kutch people life style in form of Painting and Mud work, and the depth of the detail and colors makes any visitor or foreigner crazy about his work. And this person is none other than old age young person Mr. Rashid Khan.

Born in Bhuj this 65 year old artist has taken fine arts education from Ahmedabad.  35 year back he start his own small shop for painting, people believed its “just other” painter. But just being in limit of traditional and conventional painting he has zeal of do something different, which depict Culture, life style, Pain of Kutch people.

In 2001 when a Shattering earth quake hit Kutch region, his whole set up was in disarray. But he never accepted defeat and with more energy set up all again.  Instead of being demoralize by this natural disaster he continued to work with more energy.

His work is part of many foreigner’s Living rooms pieces of art. Many foreigners around the world keep buying his marvelous piece of art in form of frames and paintings.

He has done whole wall’s painting and mud work in one of the army school in Jaipur, this wall is attraction among local people and student. Nobody passing from this wall go without words of appreciation and amazement.

He also want other people to learn this art and encourage other to go for this art work as profession, he offers his service for students at free of cost. Many people around the world visits him for learning Mud work art.

3 Lady with Pot

“3 Lady with Pot” is one of the wonderful creation of Rashid khan who made him win 1st Prize in Kutch Carnival Festival. He got prize from none other than Great Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, and Narendra Modi doesn’t require any introduction. Narendra Modi is also artist and great art lover by himself and understand art in depth.

Kutch is Drought effected area and people always struggle for getting water. Rashid khan do understand this pain very well and he also put this pain on Canvas with his drawing and colors. This is one and only kind of art work. He represented this art in "Kutch karinval festival"  in year of 2008 , where more then 60 Artist took part around the Gujarat. Everyone who understand art were amazed to see his canvas painting. You can view this painting below.