About Us

About "Gurjari Handicraft"

Our artistic endeavor Gurjari Handicrafts is keen to redefine the creativity, wisdom and vision of the Indian handicrafts industry. With our philosophical observation, immense research and eye for minute details we are going to redefine the designs and quality of the Indian handicrafts with flying colors.

Gurjari Handicrafts is found this year itself that is in 2013. We are located in the heart of Kutch, Gujarat.

All our art and crafts are hand made with precision and great focus on quality. So, there are no machines that come into the picture during the manufacturing process. Our handicraft artists are experts in mud work and thread art that encompasses really ingenious stitching and creative sewing to give the arts and crafts a new fine touch.  Our firm is blessed with world class art and culture. We believe in cent percent transparency, smooth work culture, recognition, appreciation and positive attitude with steadfast approach.  

We are already a well-known name in Gujarat, India and with great enthusiasm and incorporating world class quality measures; we look forward to expand in North America and rest of the world.  With art and perseverance at heart, our artists are of immense importance for us and we leave no stone unturned in giving them the best as we seek the very best from them. They are at the heart of

Gurjari Handicrafts. Our artists come with great experience ranging from 10 to 40 years in the handicrafts industry.

At Gurjari Handicrafts, we aspire to bring best of both worlds to our prospective Western buyers. We dream of bringing the Indian arts and crafts to the international platform with immense pleasure approved for their type of lifestyle. The modern western lifestyle always has vast scope for some surreal early era designs (as of soothing arts and crafts) to reestablish that missing link with the ancient acumen, that too effortlessly. It’s like bringing a source of inspiration and positive energy into your living room. So, we are here to bring the best of art plus crafts and to leave the local barriers behind with a globalized revelation in mind.