Wide Range of selection

We understand that world is vibrant and each people has different taste and liking. We try provide our craft to each type of people with their unique taste.

We understand that the world is vibrant and people have vivid liking as per their personality and walk of life. We always embark at making realistic art works that appeal to all audience beyond the geographical or cultural barriers as good arts cannot be confined within any limits.

With many art genres and subtle experimental fusion, the Gurjari Handicraft works have gained a true to life, vivacious and fantastic touch with major credit to our rural Indian artists who always deserved a contemporary platform like this.

Thus, we go by the world citizen outlook to reach the worldly standards of arts and crafts in terms of visualization, drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, mud works, frame works, fine touches etc. as a Module by module approach without any machines, so there is no automation and thus no mass copying like the competitors do to make the quality low and quantity high.

 We believe in absolute transparency, supreme quality, top notch character, and above all wisdom at work to religiously follow our ancestral ways of simple living with high thinking (we depict that in our arts and crafts !).  We have a wide range of handicrafts to choose from and to suit vivid environments, decors, furnishings, moods and even to serve some modern purposes (as artistic laptop bags) that we call Gurjari Handicraft powered fusion.

 We provide handicrafts in vibrant colors, village life based framed paintings, and stone works, mirror frames, mud works; marvelous religious drawings or religious masters (as per customer request) as well as based on Hindu Gods and Indian spiritual gurus.